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Water Treatment

Water is a vital element, essential for life, as well as a scarce and fragile resource that is vital for economic and industrial development. Barcelonesa manages and develops specific products that ensure the sustainable management of this resource, supplying our clients the right products as part of a comprehensive service that includes storage, logistics, packaging, formulation and management of waste. Furthermore, all of this is framed within a strict corporate policy on health, safety and environment.


BARCELONESA offers you the full force of its ability and technical advice to help you decide upon the right solution for your chemical needs as regards water treatment, covering everything from storage, handling, treatment, logistics and product application to waste management.


TAP range: Products for drinking water treatment and desalination plants. All of them are compliant with current regulations which make them suitable for treating water for human consumption, including:


As part of its commitment to offer its clients a comprehensive professional service, at BARCELONESA we offer water treatment professionals all our experience and capacity to manage large operations, covering logistics, distribution and packaging of chemicals, as well as the possibility of manufacturing chemical formulations tailored to each client, such as anti-scaling agents, anti-corrosives and filtration cleaning and maintenance systems.


  • Coagulants:Mineral coagulants created using different mineral salts that optimise purification for each specific problem. We adapt the treatment and formulas to achieve maximum purification in each case.
    • DEPURFER range: Coagulants made from simple iron salts.
    • DEPURAL range : Coagulants made from combinations of pre-polymerised or simple aluminium salts.
    • DEPURGREEN range: Environmentally-friendly organic coagulants as a high-performance, more sustainable alternative to traditional metal salts.
    • Specific formulations: Coagulants based on combinations of iron and aluminium salts and organic coagulants formulated for specific problems.
  • BD POLIFLOC: Range of solid and liquid flocculants. Our formulations include anionic , cationic, combined and nonionic high-molecular-weight polyacrylamides. We also offer polyacrylamide-free flocculants that comply with the requirements ofUNE:EN 1408:1998for products used in the treatment of water for human consumption.
  • PH MINUS – PH PLUS: pH increasers and decreasers with formulations in different concentrations and delivery formats.
  • DEPURCAL:Calcium hydroxide in bags, used to increase the pH of treated water and improve sludge dewatering.
    • GELCAL: Calcium hydroxide in 35% liquid suspension. It eliminates problems related to operator health and safety due to the handling of the powdered product.
  • BD CARBON: Granular or powdered activated carbon with different quality parameters.
  • BD ANTISKUM: Range of antifoaming agents and air release agents with different formulations and concentrations.
  • Disinfectants and oxidising agents.
  • BD REDUCLOR:Special products to reduce chlorine in water (solid and liquid, in different concentrations).
  • BARQUEST: A range of special phosphonates used as dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors in different types of application.
  • BD REMICAL: Remineralisation products.
  • DEPURSAL: Salt used in different applications such as the regeneration of ion exchange resins in water softening, remineralisation and saline electrolysis systems.
  • BD BIOFOOD: Easily biodegradable products (solid and liquid) formulated specifically to meet the needs of biological treatment systems that can be used as a substrate or source of carbon, nitrogen or organic phosphorus, with the objective of balancing nutrients in biological reactors with specific requirements. Our formulations include products that combine these nutrients with a coagulating effect.


All sectors of industrial activity are subject to strict European regulations that oblige companies to minimise the environmental impactof their activity.

We offer complete commitment.

  • We supply high-quality chemicals and solutions;and solutions to improve environmental processes.
    • Drinking water
    • Waste and industrial water
    • Soil treatment
  • We manage the recovery and optimal eliminationof the waste generated.
  • Management of a pool of subproducts

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