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We value your waste

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We value your waste

With the advice and involvement of our entire technical and logistics team, we provide clients with significant financial savings in the waste reduction process, as we recover and reuse waste in other industrial processes to maximise its value.

Specialised consultancy

Our in-house technical department offers each client the best solutions, always with a focus on cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

Experts in good management

Barcelonesa is an officially authorised waste manager with its own laboratory that gives us complete control over the entire process.

An important advantage for everyone

Being able to look to a single specialist company for both chemical supply and waste management gives companies excellent cost savings.




  • E-1262.11 authorised waste manager for the recovery of chemicalsand authorised transfer station.
  • We have our own transport company,authorised to carry T-3363 waste.
  • Our own analytical laboratory.
  • Warehouses spread strategicallyacross the whole of mainland Spain.
  • We are specialists with over 70 yearsof experience in the sector.


All sectors of industrial activity are subject to strict European regulations that oblige companies to minimise the environmental impact of their activity. We offer complete commitment.

  • We supply high-quality chemicalsand solutions to improve environmental processes.
    • Drinking water
    • Waste and industrial water
    • Soil treatment
    • Treatment of emissions
  • We manage the recovery and optimal elimination of the waste generated.
  • Management of a pool of subproducts



A comprehensive service with a single manager


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