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Real-time online stock management

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Telemetrics and Stock Control

Barcelonesa offers its clients the Telemetrix remote stock management service. This aims to improve the comprehensive service provided to clients, letting us get involved and contribute Barcelonesa’s expertise in the sale and distribution of chemicals, taking charge of the daily management of product stocks.

Description of the chemical supply service

  • Real-time online stock management
  • Priority supplies
  • Cost reduction in purchase management

Operation of the telemetry service

  • Real-time online stock management

Control panel

  • Access to TELEMETRIX clients
  • TELEMETRIX tanks overview
  • Individualised TELEMETRIX tank control

¿What benefits do our clients get from the Telemetrix service?

  • Telemetrics clients have priority supply in any market situation.
  • Thanks to the Telemetrix system, BDPQ ensures an exhaustive monitoring of stock levels, avoiding shortages.
  • Stock is permanently monitored and maintained within the client’s desired parameters.
  • Time and cost reduction
    BDPQ takes over the following supply management tasks:
    • Order planning
    • BDPQ generates your order internally according to your instructions
    • The price is only negotiated once for a determined period (monthly, every 3 months, etc.)
    • Logistical monitoring of the tanks
    • Monitoring of tank level

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