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BARTENSID - Passionate about surfactants

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30 years’ experience in providing
surfactant solutions


Bartensid, committed to achieving good results for your project.

Our products are the result of intensive, methodical work to find the best product and supply options for our clients.  

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Our experience in surfactants, together with knowledge of chemicals and manufacturing processes, allows us to evaluate the range of solutions and offer the one that best meets the requirements of each application in terms of technical aspects, effectiveness, reliability and sustainability. 

Bartensid a constantly evolving range

Our range of Bartensid surfactants grows and evolves in response to new market requirements. 






Barcelonesa’s large operational capacity also means we can offer our clients customised surfactant mixtures as well. as complementary additives and products. 

Specialists in the best application

Bartensid surfactants are specially developed to give optimum performance  in all industrial sectors.

Guaranteed Quality

Barcelonesa guarantees the traceability of its products, ensuring the quality requirements for every application. Barcelonesa’s specialist technicians assess an take responsibility for the entire supply chain process so that it is performed correctly, and the composition of the surfactants is assured thanks to the quality control procedures performed in our own laboratories.


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