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At Barcelonesa, we've been offering Pickling and Hot-Dip Galvanising solutions for more than 20 years. We know that top quality products, backed by excellent technical consultation, are the key to achieving the very best metal treatments. We offer a range of commodities and specialities, which can be applied in continuous, spray, and dipped treatment processes. As official Spanish distributors of AD International products, we can offer you high-quality technical products, especially those used during Passivation processes.

Our service is what distinguishes us from the rest: proper product transport with delivery adapted to suit your needs (in terms of time and format), speedy response to your queries and requirements, and a technical team that will be available throughout to help you find the solution that best addresses your manufacturing problems.

We know that not all galvanising plants are the same and not all pieces require the same treatment, and that's why we've created a technical team with extensive sector knowledge. This team works together with our clients, stepping into their shoes to help understand their actual needs to ensure we offer them the solution that best fits their case.

Excellent Service

Delivery that is adapted to suit your needs, fast response times, and quality advice.

Verified products

Products verified throughout Europe by numerous manufacturers and distributors.

Technical advice

We have a team that is well-prepared to work alongside you and offer you a bespoke solution.

Global partner

We offer a wide range of specialities and commodities for all phases.


Thorough cleaning of the surface to optimise the following steps and to guarantee a perfect finish. There are two types: ACID or ALKALINE. Each option offers specific benefits that can be taken advantage of in each installation. The specific products we offer for the degreasing process are:

- BD Galvanet
  Acidic degreasing agent
- Cleaner Forte 372
  Strong alkaline degreasing agent
- Cleaner CC15
  Inhibited alkaline degreasing agent
- Detergent 45
  Foam control additive
- Detergent 56
  Foam control additive


Steel is pickled to remove impurities, rust, and swarf. However, during this step, the bare iron is also targeted.

The inhibitor protects the clean metal during treatment in the pickling bath with hydrochloric and/or sulphuric acid. This leads to less iron dissolving in the acid, which in turn reduces acid use and prevents hydrogen fragility. Below is a list of the solutions we offer for the pickling process: 


Hydrochloric Acid
Sulphuric acid
Phosphoric Acid


Additive SP
Wetting agent and foam for pickling
Inhibitor 04
Corrosion inhibitor



The aim of the Flux process is to activate the surface of the steel to ensure that the hot zinc is properly deposited and to prevent the formation of unwanted layers of rust that could lead to the incorrect adhesion of the zinc to the metal base. The products we offer for these process include:

  • Zinc chloride
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Oxygenated water
  • Ammonia

Hot-Dip Galvanisation

The hot-dip galvanisation process involves immersing the steel in a bath of molten zinc that has been heated to 450 degrees centigrade. During the process, layers of iron/zinc alloys form on the surface of the steel as well as a thick layer of zinc that ensures the steel will be protected from corrosion for many years to come.

We develop custom formulations to meet our clients' needs.


Passivation is a conversion coating made with hexavalent chromium-free water for recently galvanised steel surfaces. It creates a transparent or barely-visible layer that provides enhanced corrosion resistance to galvanised steel surfaces. 

  • Passivation ADL 32: Enables direct passivation, which means it can be used without prior cooling or rinsing. This product does not contain Chromium VI.


Waste Management

Ferrous chloride is produced during the pickling, hot-dip galvanising, and galvanising processes. This residue must be processed by specialised companies and can be harnessed and reused in other industrial processes. Barcelonesa is authorised to manage E-1262.11 waste and to harness or recover chemical products. In addition, we are also a transfer centre. We can collect and process used galvanising acid from your facilities. We have a proprietary transport company that is authorised to transport T-3363 waste.

Environmental Management

We have a unit that specialises in chemicals and additives specifically to improve your purification processes and the environmental management of all kinds of waste that your company may produce.

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water and process water treatment
  • Soil treatment
  • Emissions treatment


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