Crude oil is without a doubt one of the most important natural resources in industrialized countries. At Barcelonesa we are aware of this and that is why we provide you with specific products that help to solve challenges such as the precipitation of asphaltenes or the separation of water/crude oil.

Furthermore, experience has taught us that using the right additive is not everything. That’s why our team of experts is at your disposal for technical and custom advice.

Get advice on the product you need from our team of specialists.

Our Additives: A tailored solution.

All our products are specially tailored designed. Our technical team studies the characteristics of the crude oil, the particularities of your installation and other factors such as temperature or pH to offer you a 100% customized solution. The experience and know-how of our technical team is the key when evaluating and proposing the best solution.

Our technical department will provide you with on-site support to study your needs and make the necessary adaptations.

Product Range:

BD PETROFOAM range*: Range of products specially developed to control the formation of foam in certain processes of oil extraction and treatment.

BD PETROCIDE range*: This range of products in charge of controlling the spread of bacteria, which can cause problems in production, both by increasing the rate of corrosion, and the generation of solids (iron sulphide) that could stabilize emulsions and therefore adversely affect the crude oil dehydration process.

Other biocides
BARTENSID BKC/50%: Benzalkonium Chloride.
BARTENSID GTD: Glutaraldehyde (Biocide).
BARTENSID THPS: Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) fosfonic sulfate; Better Biodegradability profile than GTD.

BD PETROMULSER range*: Range of products and intermediates specially formulated to achieve crude oil/water separation and greater drying adjusted to the conditions and characteristics of the production.

BD PETRODEPRESORFLUID range: With our PPDs (pour point depressors) we manage to modify the paraffin crystal and improve the fluidity of the crude oil in an effective way, optimising the pumping/transport capacity with the minimum temperature.

BD PETRODISPER MDS range*: Range of products specially developed to facilitate the drilling process by suspending the mud in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

BD PETRODISPER PRF range*: This range of products purpose is to avoid precipitation of high molecular weight paraffin present in the mass crude oil. Paraffin precipitation leads to a decrease in productivity due to the blockage of wells and the pipeline.

BD PETROIDS DRLG range*: Product range specially developed to generate more stable emulsions in drilling fluids under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

BD PETROBITOR ASP gama*: This product range purpose is to avoid the decrease in productivity due to the blockage of wells and pipelines caused by deposits of asphaltenes.

BD PETROBITOR CRS range*: Range of products developed to protect equipment and pipes against corrosion, due to the susceptibility of the metal in environments that accelerate it, such as water, oxygen, H2S, bacteria, among others.

BD PETROFLOW FDF gama*: Range of products specially designed to reduce the shear stress to overcome the frictional resistance between the layers of the liquid so that the fluid continues to move through the tube, modifying the rheology of the crude oil mass, with the objective of reducing its viscosity, increasing the flow rate and reducing transfer pump pressures.

BD PETROCLEAN range*: Range of products specially developed to generate more stable emulsions in drilling fluids in extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

BD PETROFLOW DRG range*: This range of products has been specially developed to modify the rheology of the crude oil mass by reducing the friction or drag force that exists between the surface of the pipeline and the transported crude oil.

BD PETRODEOILER range*: With this range of products Barcelonesa achieves an adequate separation of the oil that remains in the water, in order to reach the needed parameters and to be able to give this water the desired use.


BARTENSID AOS: Alfa Olefine Sulfonate. Foaming and hydrotropic agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID SLS: Foaming agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID CAPB: Cocoamidopropylbetaine. Foaming and thickening agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID LABS/IPA: Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, IPA salt. Foaming agent containing amines.

Acid Progressive Releaser:

BARTENSID DEGDF-E: Diethyleneglycol Diformate: Slow-releasing acid agent for drilling fluids; substitute for stronger/fast-reducing acids like HCl during ground breaking, thereby avoiding piping damage.


BARQUEST ATMP, Acid 50% (Phosphonate)
BARQUEST HEDP, Acid 60% (Phosphonate)
BARQUEST PBTCA, Acid 50% (Phosphonate).

Other Phosphonates under request


In oil production, there is one challenge that oil industry faces in almost all crudes: the oil/water emulsion.

The demulsifiers of the BD PETROMULSER family allow to separate efficiently and safely the water/oil separation found in the crude oil. They have been specially formulated to achieve an oil-water separation (emulsion breaker) adapted to the conditions and production characteristics of your installations.

Like all our additives, they are custom-designed for each customer.

Asphaltene Inhibitor

Precipitation of asphaltenes during oil extraction can cause serious problems such as clogging of wells and pipelines. Failure to use the correct inhibitor can lead to a reduced crude oil delivery, which directly increases operating costs.

The effectiveness of asphaltene inhibitors does not depend only on the additive used, but on a number of factors. Knowing the type of crude oil, the properties of the additive and the facilities are the key to an effective asphaltene inhibition. Our team of Oil Additive Experts will help you to increase the effectiveness of the inhibitors and avoid asphaltene precipitation.


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