Quality and Environment

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The commitment of the Management is absolute in matters of quality, environment, Safety and health, as reflected in our Corporate Management Policy

Our entire management chain is focused on achieving the highest level of satisfaction for all the parties involved in each operation.

Our technical area works for you on every level to provide effective solutions that meet your needs.


MSDS information

We guarantee the availability of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all the products.

  • On the first delivery of each product, we always include a copy of the MSDS.
  • We e-mail the updated MSDS to all those clients that have purchased the product during the last two years.

We offer the best solutions to our clients’ needs.

Technology and innovation

In our Technical Area, a team of highly qualified professionals works in our own laboratory to develop new products and formulas in order to come up with the best solutions to our clients’ needs.

Process management

Our organisation uses a process management system based on a map that designates a manager and team to improve each process.

In order to optimise this management, we have chosen SAP as our ERP to guarantee the correct monitoring of all our operations as well as their complete traceability.

Certificates and accreditations

Our certificates and accreditations guarantee that all of our activities are performed in accordance with the highest quality, environmental, health and safety standards.

We ensure complete confidentiality of information related to our activities by implementing all the measures laid down by the Spanish data protection act, which are audited on a regular basis by an external body.


Commitment to quality, safety and the environment

Our quality management system, certified by ISO 9001, our environmental management system, certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and our safety management system, assessed according to the SQAS system and Responsible Care, mean that we are fully dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our operations.


Corporate social responsibility

At Grupo Barcelonesa we strongly believe in a sustainable future. A future that is already within our grasp, in which companies maintain full production while also visibly minimising their environmental impact.



We deal with complaints from our clients as an opportunity to improve our processes. We handle them rapidly and are committed to offering solutions.



The occupational health and safety of our workers is one of the priority focuses of our company’s daily operations.

  • Ongoing health and safety training for all of our workers.
  • We have all the necessary legal permits required by the different government bodies to undertake our operations while ensuring the highest levels of safety.
  • We regularly evaluate our safety systems and propose improvements based on the voluntary programmes Responsible Care and SQAS.