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We firmly believe that polyurethanes play an essential role in the sustainability and conservation of our planet. By working with environmentally-friendly products (Bio, recycled, or sustainable), we directly contribute to making the world we live in more sustainable.

We have 20+ years of experience in the Polyurethane industry.  We are manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of systems and raw materials for rigid and flexible foams for various applications: construction, household appliances, furniture, comfort, and C.A.S.E. (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers).

We love challenges, which is why our R&D team is constantly seeking out new materials to be able to offer you better comfort, efficiency, and durability to ensure your products are longer-lasting. What's more, we work with highly-renowned international partners with extensive market experience.




Sustainability, energy efficiency, and fire rating. Thermal insulation in construction has a direct impact on energy savings and sustainability of the planet. Polyurethane foams are the most efficient known type of insulation thanks to the fact that a lesser thickness manages to provide excellent thermal conductivity.

At Barcelonesa, we are experts in polyurethanes and are happy to offer you a range of polyurethane systems and raw materials for insulating walls, ceilings, or floors, regardless of whether you are spraying in situ or manufacturing the product at your facilities prior to delivery to the site. 

Increasingly more challenges arise every day in the construction of industrial facilities, the interiors of buildings, or in home renovations. By simply immersing ourselves in your situation, we can help you find the very best solution. 

Thermal insulation via spray

Spray polyurethanes are the best alternative for filling all cavities, preventing thermal bridges, and achieving maximum energy efficiency in all types of buildings –particularly those with complex designs. 

At Barcelonesa, we offer all our BD SYS thermal insulation spray systems with various density options, regardless of whether your needs involve spraying floors, ceilings, or walls. Our products are offered at highly competitive rates and are environmentally-friendly, with water or HFO bases.

We put our team in your shoes and provide counsel on how to properly spray our specific products.

Thermal insulation via spray or foam blowing

We're aware that not all projects start from zero and sometimes you find yourself with a renovation or restoration in which the walls weren't properly insulated. Now you want to add thermal or acoustic insulation to the build to achieve maximum insulation and enhanced comfort, but how?

At Barcelonesa, we can offer you our special polyurethane spray or foam blowing systems which will allow you to project into the walls and fill the air chamber during the renovation of previously built spaces, thereby achieving greater thermal and acoustic insulation without having to make any significant modifications to the structure or decreasing the size of the building or home.


  • Spray system for foam protection (micro-cellular polymer):

These are highly dense systems (300Kg-800Kg) that protect the foam and enable it to be cleaned at high pressure without deteriorating. Particularly suitable for corrosive environments such as farms.


  • Dual component systems.

All our systems are dual-component and are rounded out with our isocyanate:

Blocks and sheets

We manufacture different types of polyester polyols and distribute raw materials for PUR-IR such as isocyanate, flame retardants, amines, silicones, catalysts, etc.

We know that density, friability, strength under compression, and fire reaction are key aspects when it comes to choosing components for the fabrication of blocks and sheets. Therefore, thanks to our experience and partners, we can provide technical advice over the course of your manufacturing process or help you with your new developments with full trust and confidentiality.

Because we know that just by listening to your concerns and discovering the challenges you face, we can offer you the product you need. 

Sandwich panels

Polyurethane sandwich panels allow for the rapid construction of buildings with elevated architectural demands; it has been shown that these panels can noticeably minimise construction waste.

At Barcelonesa, we can offer you various PUR-IR systems for sandwich panels with excellent mechanical performance, and have more than 35 years of experience working in the sector.

We know that each production line is different (temperature, speed of the conveyor belt, possibility of adding printing, etc.) and requires one type of component or another. For that reason, flexibility is key to our service. All our systems are 100% customisable and in addition we'll provide technical counsel throughout the entire process to ensure you achieve the thickness, fire rating, and compression you need.

Because no matter whether your project is large or small, our team is always open and willing to listen to your needs and adapt our systems in the search for the solution that best suits your requirements.

  • Adhesives for mineral wool / EPS panels.
    We also offer bespoke solutions for mineral wool and EPS panels. Choosing a suitable product depends on:
    • The application technique.
    • The length of the press.
    • The point of application and contact.

Tell us what you need so that our technical team can develop bespoke products just for you.


Appliances - Industrial Refrigeration

In the commercial refrigeration industry, good thermal insulation is essential to preventing elevated energy costs. Polyurethane is the best solution given that a lesser thickness can provide excellent value in terms of thermal conductivity.

We are polyurethane system manufacturers and always use eco-friendly expanding agents. Our technical team will consider factors such as the cream time and the blend ratio, among others, when advising you on the system that best fits your needs. 


Furniture / Comfort


If you're a polyurethane foam manufacturer for comfort applications such as cushions, furniture, etc., we can suggest various components such as silicones, flame retardants, dichloromethane, and the ever-essential polyether polyols.  
We are official distributors of Rokita, a leader in quality and R&D, and can respond to any technical query you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information about our solutions.



CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers)

Within the field of polyether polyols, PPGs (polypropylene glycol) are very widely used, particularly in CASE applications (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers).

At Barcelonesa, we have an exclusive distribution agreement for the Spanish market with polyether polyol manufacturer PCC Rokita. This industrial group, located in Poland and with German investment, is known for its excellent product quality and innovative capacity, having developed its own DMC technology which Barcelonesa now offers.

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