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Greater value for your ingredients and additives

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For more than 10 years we have been supplying an excellent, wide range of additives and ingredients, selected from all over the world, which undergo complete quality control. This service, along with our extensive technical knowledge, helps to ensure your finished products are ever more competitive.

More value for your ingredients and additives

We have launched a new service that includes food additive mixing, brine preparation and technical assistance for formulation. These modern benefits are helping us to increase and improve our comprehensive service chain, allowing our clients to optimise their work processes, save time and money and eliminate possible errors when preparing their mixtures.

Solid handling area

  • Band mixer with a volume of 500 litres – estimated annual production of 4,000 tonnes
  • Levelling roller
  • Magnet system for metal detection in additive dosing hoppers
  • Automatic suction and filtration system
  • De-humidification system
  • Packaging and labelling in bags and drums with automatic weight control

Liquid handling area

  • Closed mixer/reactor with a volume of 3,000 litres – estimated annual production 10,000 tonnes
  • Solid addition system with aspiration and independent powder filtering
  • Automated system for osmotic water addition
  • Addition of liquid components in a closed loop system
  • Online filtration system, before packaging
  • High-precision packaging system with mass control – Labelling

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