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Logistics and Distribution Barcelonesa

Our comprehensive service for suppliers and clients allows us to offer a high degree of involvement in improving companies’ production processes. Therefore, in addition to our knowledge, we also offer an efficient and rapid logistics service that manages and facilitates chemicals and supplies them on time.

High capacity and total safety

Our modern, innovative facilities are equipped with the best technology and the most advanced safety measures, allowing us to offer suppliers and clients the highest guaranteed levels of quality, with risk-free storage and handling of chemicals.



Total surface area of 28,000 m²

  • One 1,400-m² warehouse adapted for inflammable and corrosive products
  • One 1,400-m² warehouse prepared for highly toxic, toxic and phytosanitary products
  • One 6,500-m² warehouse divided into 3 sectors with RF240 separation walls for inflammable and combustible products


Total capacity of 1,600 m³ for inflammable products:

  • 18 75-m³ tanks made of A-410-B steel
  • 4 40-m³ tanks made of A-410-B steel


  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Fire prevention system compliant with UNE 23007, 23500 and 23590/95 regulations
  • Cepreven NFPA 13 and NFPA-11A
  • Pump group with maximum capacity of 18,000 l/m
  • 1,300-m³ water reserve
  • Automatic sprinklers in the roof of the building and intermediates in the shelving rack
  • High-expansion foam system
  • Fire detection in all sectors

The facilities have the means of protection required by the following storage regulations


For all industrial sectors

We apply efficient management processes to different types of chemicals in accordance with their storage and safety requirements.

Liquid and solid chemicals are handled in our special warehouses by our highly trained staff, avoiding any possibility of errors or cross contamination.

Fully equipped warehouses that allow the storage of ADR-classified products and which strictly comply with legal regulations.

Sanitised warehouses dedicated exclusively to food products.

Strategic logistics centre with customs warehouse

Our facilities located in Barcelona, the most important logistics hub in the south of Europe, have a large capacity and offer full guarantees to our suppliers so that we can ensure efficient supply to our clients.

Our many years of experience in global procurement and sales allows us to handle all aspects related to export and import documents. We also act as a customs warehouse to minimise processing costs.

Global presence
local influence

We search worldwide for the best products for our clients, supplying them at the right time while also exporting chemicals to different countries in different amounts and formats. Thanks to our extensive international experience, we are experts at successfully handling all types of international operations, including direct trading from the product source and chartering for bulk deliveries.

Specialised transport

Our comprehensive logistics service is backed up by over 100 lorries and vans to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition and at just the right time.

Our fleet specialises in fulfilling the strictest European regulations governing the carriage of hazardous goods. We thus ensure the safety of goods, people and the environment while avoiding any liability arising from poor management.

Customised blending and packaging

We help our clients to attain better results in their production processes by supplying mixed or diluted products in accordance with the needs of each project.

We provide customised solutions in the form of different types of container and packaging adapted to each type of chemical, for all industrial sectors. From order picking of small quantities to pallets and tanks of all sizes.

Our comprehensive packaging management also helps clients to reduce the waste related to their activities.

Guaranteed quality

We ensure the traceability of our products from origin to final delivery.

At our in-house laboratories, goods are subject to strict quality control both on reception and before final delivery to the client.

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