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Logistics Infrastructure


Global Logistics

From our headquarters in Barcelona, southern Europe’s most important logistics hub, and through our logistics platforms located strategically across the Iberian Peninsula, Algeria and China, Barcelonesa proposes the best solutions to the needs of companies and industries in all the different manufacturing sectors.

The best chemical solutions for all sectors of activity


Commercial Presence

Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean Arch

Barcelonesa has several commercial agents spread across Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, covering the entire Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean Arch region.

Global Commercial Coverage

comercio regional
Commercial Presence of Grupo Barcelonesa

The rest of the world

Similarly, thanks to Barcelonesa’s growing internationalisation, we also have commercial representatives in countries including: Dominican Republic, Dubai, Iran, Italy, Peru, Russia and Turkey, as well as our established offices in China, Algeria, France and Portugal.

Our aim – to offer our clients the greatest possible coverage


Procurement and Sales Areas

The best products and service, wherever you are

Barcelonesa seeks out and finds the most appropriate starting materials for each sector of activity in the main international markets. We work closely with clients and suppliers to transport and store their products in the most appropriate way, meeting the strictest safety requirements, and to deliver them at the agreed time, anywhere in the world.

Quality service with the utmost safety

Compras y ventas