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Grupo Barcelonesa searches for and develops the raw materials required by its clients in the “Detergents and Personal Care” sector to manufacture their products.

These materials are subject to a rigorous quality control that covers everything from approval and storage to handling and distribution. In this way, Barcelonesa ensures the production requirements of each client are satisfied.



The flower is the symbol of the European ecolabel.

We guide our clients through the voluntary step of developing green products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly – a responsible move that benefits everyone.



We work to provide guaranteed solutions for the Detergents and Personal Care sector

We offer a wide range of chemicals from the main product families used in the Detergents and Personal Care sector: inorganic salts, organic salts, sequestering agents, additives, thickeners, anti-redeposition agents, solvents, neutralising agents, pH regulators and surfactants.

We also offer advice on the application of the products we supply for our clients’ formulations, with special attention given to surfactants and other speciality chemicals.

Approved facilities with the capacity to formulate specific products for our clients.


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