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Our 360º Service

At Barcelonesa we are very clear about the fact that our clients form the core of our business. That is why we are constantly working to develop our portfolio of services, always with a focus on our clients as the pivotal aspect of our activity.



Product Managers

  • Wide range of products
  • Alternative product proposal
  • Toll manufacturing service
  • Several packaging
    formats proposals


Back office + Sales Agents

Personalized attention
24/7 service by web


Logistic Team

  • Operative savings proposals
  • Fulfill our agreements
  • Reliable Shipments



Environmental Business team

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Water , air, soil treatment
  • By-products and
    Waste management


BOC + Sales Agents

New Value

Business development Managers
+ Sales Agents

  • Quick and effective response to complaints
  • Useful and practical documentation
  • Innovative business proposals
  • Technical service “on demand”
  • Risk reduction
Información y Documentación

Information and Documentation

Barcelonesa is committed to providing you with the information and documentation you need. Reliable and accurate information, targeted for optimal decision-making and delivered on time.




For large amounts of bulk liquid products, the Barcelonesa Telemetrics Service (TELEMETRIX®) is a powerful tool to help you reduce costs and to assist you in your daily management.

Servicio de almacenaje y transporte

Storage and transport service

In addition to our distribution activity, Barcelonesa offers a comprehensive logistics service specialised instorage andtransport..

Servicio de maquila

Contract manufacturing services

We can provide a comprehensive outsourced service for part of your production: raw materials, production, packaging, quality control and integrated logistics. We seek to minimise the risks and costs involved in safety and hygiene, processes and environmental requirements.

Servicio de asistencia técnica

Technical assistance service

The range of services we offer our clients includes technical assistance: product proposal, best application, environmental matters, health and safety, legal and logistics regulations.

Mejora medioambiental

Environmental improvement

We are committed to covering the whole range of environmental requirements, from incoming, process and waste water treatment, ground treatment and the treatment of emissions, to the selection and collection of the subproducts and residues generated by your activity.


Seguridad de suministro

Secure supplier

We work closely with your company to achieve the best logistic approach and reduce costs while ensuring the agreed service.

Envases y forma de suministro

Packaging and supply

At Barcelonesa you will find maximum flexibility in packaging supply, from 5-litre containers up to 24-ton tanks. Configured according to your specific needs. To ensure ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, Barcelonesa tries to reuse packaging whenever possible.

Garantía de calidad

Guaranteed Quality

Quality, Environment and Health and Safety are issues which Grupo Barcelonesa is fully committed to in all its activities. That is why we have implemented a Corporate Management System certified by the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. Barcelonesa is committed to responsible distribution, and it is therefore also audited by BVQI using the EUROPEAN SINGLE ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT (ESAD) created by CEFIC/FECC for chemical product distributors.


Gama completa de productos y servicios

Full range of products and services

Trust, cooperation, experience and management ability. Barcelonesa works closely with its clients to select new products and presentations and to enhance and continuously improve their production and business processes. We offer a 360º service: from basic commodities and speciality products to customised formulations designed in our own laboratory and mixed, labelled and ready for use in the plant. We close the process cycle by also taking care of the subproducts or waste generated by our clients’ activity.


Atención personal

Personalised assistance

Our clients are assigned an executive from the sales department who leads a multidisciplinary group that will work to understand your business and jointly decide upon the best value proposal.
For quick, efficient day-to-day assistance, our Business Back Office is permanently on hand to help..

Precios responsables

Reasonable prices

Price is very important. We look to offer you reasonable prices in accordance with both the market and forecasts regarding growing volatility.


Generar negocio

Business generation

Barcelonesa sees its collaboration as a lever for generating more business for your company.

Minimización de riesgos y reclamaciones

Minimisation of risks and complaints

We minimise operational, environmental, safety and hygiene risks and their associated costs. Our tools: quality (ISO 9001 and 14001) and process management that allows us to achieve constant improvements.

We know how to help you

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.