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Additives manufacturer for construction and mortar

  • Hardening agents.
  • Cement manufacturers:
  • Additives for chemical mortars.
  • Chrome VI reducing agents.
  • pH regulators.
  • pH regulators.
  • Chemical reducing agents.
  • Plaster manufacturers:
  • Inorganic fillers.
  • Inorganic fillers.
  • Antifreeze agents.
  • Hardening retardants.
  • Inorganic biocides.
  • Inorganic biocides.

Specific  suppliers

For some product lines, Barcelonesa works exclusively with established companies from the sector:

  • Sirca - unsaturated polyesters.
  • United Initiators - organic peroxides.
  • Spolchemie - epoxy and alkyd resins.
  • BB Resins - epoxy hardeners

Manufacturers of products for paving, roofing, veils and geogrids.

  • Unsaturated polyester, peroxides and glass fibre resins.
  • Epoxy systems: Epoxy resins and hardeners.
  • Ceramic manufacturers:
  • Agents for amorphous crystallisation.
  • Antifouling agents.
  • Products for general use:
  • Acids, bases and inorganic salts, cleaning solvents, environment-friendly solvents, coalescents, surfactants and antifoaming agents.

Juan Carlos Montoro

Sector Manager

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