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INTERVIEW WITH Albert Gonzales, Commercial Manager for Barcelonesa Barcelonesa works off of the premise that company growth depends on the growth of its clients. With the aim of offering an improved purchasing experience, Barcelonesa has made a significant commitment to placing the client at the heart of its growth strategy. But what exactly does that mean? How does Barcelonesa's service offering differ from the competition? What makes it special? Albert Gonzales, Commercial Manager for Barcelonesa, offers us insight on these very questions.

In addition to being essential to life, oxygen is a widely used chemical element in industry, meaning we couldn't leave it out of the series of articles we post each month in celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table. Represented by the symbol 'O', it is the third most abundant element in the universe and the most abundant in the earth's crust, making up practically half of its mass. One fifth of air (in volume) is oxygen, and that air is where the oxygen used in industry is obtained, by means of liquefaction and fractional distillation.

The use of surfactants is becoming increasingly more common in industrial applications. Sectors such as agriculture have come to understand their many virtues for enhancing the performance of fertilisers and plant protection products on crops. We're all aware of one of the most important roles that surfactants play in agriculture: reducing surface tension so that liquid can better penetrate the surface. Their addition to crop formulations improves efficiency and helps save water used for irrigation, as it reduces the amount of runoff water.

The storage, manipulation and handing of dangerous chemical products, which can be peroxides, solvents, pesticides or chloride products, demand the fulfillment of a very restrictive normative in safety regulation and certification. It requires costly installations for storage and handling, to protect people, environment and the stored products. All these measures are mandatory  but come at a high cost.

Chernobyl, the hit mini series of the moment, has shone a spotlight on the protagonist of this new article in the series commemorating the International Year of the Periodic Table: boron (B). Because of its excellent capacity to absorb neutrons, boron is used in nuclear power plants to decelerate reactions. However, the boron control rods at Chernobyl contained graphite tips, a material that counteracts this effect. This design flaw was one of the many factors that caused the disastrous explosion that now has thousands of viewers glued to their screens.

Cross-linked polymers, in the form of epoxy resins, are widely used in applications such as paint, materials made of fibreglass or carbon fibre, and coatings to prevent corrosion or to improve adherence. These materials are typically exposed to harsh environments or inclement weather. Over time, they tend to deteriorate, and small cracks may emerge that can end up seriously damaging the main structure.

Most cosmetic products known as anti-ageing agents include in their list of ingredients a component that comes from the shells of various crustaceans. That ingredient is glucosamine, an amino sugar that Grupo Barcelonesa sells under the name N- Acetyl- D-Glucosamine.


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