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One of our primary aims at Grup Barcelonesa is to provide our clients with the very best possible service. To do this, we add new products and technologies to our portfolio that offer chemical solutions that are aligned with your production requirements. To that end, for the Detergents Market, Barcelonesa has reached an agreement for the official global distribution of the new antimicrobial protection additive for textiles: NOB166.

International Women's Day is 8 March. A date that underscores —by means of numerous events and demonstrations— women's fight for equal rights in all areas of society, including the workplace.  To mark the occasion, Grup Barcelonesa also wants to join the cause in the fight for women's rights. In our company, we firmly believe that complete equality between men and women is the only way our society can develop and progress.   It is also worth noting that the chemical industry is a field that traditionally has been considered an exclusively male environment.

The 'mad scientist' is one of the most widespread stereotypes in popular culture. Fictional books and films such as Frankenstein, The Invisible Man or The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde have ultimately created a pretty poor image for professionals like us who have dedicated ourselves to scientific fields such as chemistry.

Of the elements that have boosted modern agricultural development the most, biostimulants absolutely deserve a place of honour. Without them, agricultural products would grow less vigorously, harvests would be smaller, farmers' profits would decrease, and produce would arrive on consumers' tables in worse condition than they do today. At Barcelonesa, we develop a wide range of essential biostimulant products for agricultural inputs companies. With this article, we will show you why biostimulants are so needed in this day and age.

Surely on more than one occasion you've bought a defective product, an item was delivered to you in poor condition, or you didn’t receive the service you were hoping for. In these cases, you've probably experienced two different situations:

We're starting a new series of articles on the Barcelonesa Group blog called "Myths about Chemistry". We will be periodically posting content in which we try to debunk some of the common and entrenched myths related to chemistry. We've set out to do this because we believe that the activity of the chemical sector is essential to guaranteeing the development and well-being of society as a whole.

Organic agriculture is, without a doubt, in fashion. People are demanding increasingly more natural and organic products. Some consumers are even willing to pay more money for a product if they know it has been grown according to more ecological practices. However, there's always been some confusion regarding the criteria under which a product can be considered organic.


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