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Did you know that plant fibres are excellent technological ingredients? With this article, we will show you how you can replace the synthetic additives you've been using to improve the properties of your food products with natural fibres that can fulfil the same functions as those achieved by using E number additives and substances. Continue reading to find out more about how Fibrean is going to solve multiple food industry technology problems.

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That is, of course, keeping in mind the state of alert and exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves. As a distribution company for products that are essential to multiple production processes, and with the aim of preventing, to the greatest possible extent, the spread of the illness caused by COVID-19, as of last Friday, we've implemented a series of actions and procedures as set out in our Contingency Plan in order to ensure the health of our collaborators and to ensure that our activity continues as normally as possible:

Up until the 19th century, all the cosmetics people used were made with natural ingredients. It was common for women to use their kitchens to make their own remedies for improving their health and hygiene and that of their loved ones. In addition, they used easily found, natural ingredients to make products to accentuate their features.


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