New colour trends in effect pigments and cosmetic active ingredients

Last April, Barcelonesa’s Cosmetics division team members attended InCosmetics Amsterdam, the yearly showcase for new trends in personal care ingredients. Our principal Sandream Impact, LLC was also there, for the launch of the 2019 Spring-Summer colour trends, to show off its new magnetic pigments that provide truly spectacular effects.

Our specialist in effect pigments and cosmetic active ingredients showcases the following lines within the new proposals for next year. 

Stand Tall

This line focuses on bold colours and includes some of the new additions to the Majestic family: Majestic Dragonfruit, Majestic Carrot and Majestic Mango in red, yellow and orange tones. The Fiesta Powder Lime, Majestic Plum and Majestic Velvet Blueberry pearls work to reflect the purple, blue and green tones. Finally, Majestic Blackberry and Majestic Coconut are the black and white inspirations that complete this colour wheel.  

A highly defined line of colours that conveys strength, passion, happiness, warmth, loyalty, power, purity, wealth and stability. 

Marvel Wonder

Tapping into the animated superhero series, the Marvel line pursues, first and foremost, elegance and comfort. The latest additions are metallic and offer exceptional coverage and versatility in all kinds of make-up: some of them are lipsticks or hair make-up.  

The Marvel Antique Green, Marvel Antique Blue, Marvel Antique Purple and Marvel Antique Violet particularly highlight lips and eyes. Marvel Antique Gold can also be used both as hair make-up and as a lipstick to provide a spectacular and novel gold chrome look. Finally, Marvel Maroon offers intensity and femininity in a full-coverage lipstick that completes this collection. 

Soft Lines 

This collection is comprised of delicate, pale and soft colours. Pastel tones that offer what is known as the holographic unicorn effect, creating multi-coloured reflections, turning art and fashion into a form of movement. The effects of the combined tones do not have definitive forms, although when applied to a palette they create a picture-like canvas. 

The Soft Line’s pressed-powder palette combines 3 new pearls: Sachet MV Blue, Pink and Green which, together with larger-particle-sized pearls such as Diamond Star Blue, Violet and Green, deliver exceptional glow. The soft cream eyeshadow is the outcome of combining the Sachet Caribbean Blue pearl and SynMira Sleek. 
The surprises here are the lip gloss and face illuminator, combining the Sachet MV Red, Gold and Green pearls to yield a truly surprising result. Finally, a very appealing gel-based body gloss with Mystic Periwinkle, Optique Pearl Copper and Confetti White is also featured.

Barcelonesa’s Cosmetics division supplies an extensive range of products, which encompasses everything from the most basic ingredients to more specialised products Thanks to our collaboration with Sandream Impact, our exclusive principal for Spain, Portugal and North Africa, we can offer our clients personalised pigments and formulation development, among other products. Moreover, we have an active portfolio with more than 600 pearl pigment items based on mica, fluorphlogopite (synthetic mica), aluminium, silicate and bismuth oxychloride. 

If you would like further information, please visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us.

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Juan Carlos Montoro

Juan Carlos Montoro


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