Barcelonesa’s Surface Treatment division presents an effective solution for the aluminium sector

Barcelonesa de Drogas y Productos Químicos is a specialist in aluminium electropolishing and chemical brightening treatments. For electropolishing processes, we offer our BD ELECTRODAL product family, whose 3 categories – PS1, PS2 and PS3 – adapt to the alloys, time frames and brightening quality stipulated by each individual client.

The products are manufactured on-site at our facilities. We also boast our own laboratory where we develop our own customised formulations that perfectly meet the needs of our clients.

The electropolishing process

Electropolishing is an electrolytic process performed in an acidic medium (BD ELECTRODAL) to produce controlled oxidation of the metallic surface of the anode.

The anodic oxidation of the metal during the process creates an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium, which is then dissolved by the chemical product in the acid bath.

This process is repeated several times until the surface is smooth and has the required polish and brightness.

Key features of BD ELECTRODAL

  1. Optimal polish.
  2. Chrome- and nitrate-free.
  3. The BD ELECTRODAL series does not generate nitrous fumes.
  4. Ready-to-use product that does not require any type of maintenance.

BD Electrodal PS and its applications

The BD ELECTRODAL PS1, PS2 and PS3 family is Barcelonesa’s electropolishing solution for the most common aluminium alloys.


The most widely used alloys for achieving a high degree of polish on aluminium are the 5000-series alloys.

BD ELECTRODAL PS is compatible with the most common aluminium alloys such as 6063 and 6463, typically used in the frames and profiles sector, and the 2000- and 7000-series alloys used in aeronautics.


Electropolishing is most used in the aluminium frames and profiles industry for the manufacture of outdoor furniture, shower screens and/or interior architecture. Electropolishing is also very common in the perfume and/or cosmetics packaging industry.

Other major sectors are door and window accessories and metal shutters.

The automotive sector is another of the main markets that uses this type of aluminium finish.

Barcelonesa has many years of experience in all types of electropolishing and chemical brightening treatments. Our specialised team of technical personnel creates customised product formulations to meet our clients’ individual needs.

What is more, we are experts in the manufacture and distribution of surface treatment products, especially for the aluminium, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanisation and metal-pickling sectors.

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