“The area that encompasses Portugal and Galicia is one of Barcelonesa’s strongest commitments”

The Portuguese economy is in good health. The neighbouring country has recovered from the past decade’s severe crisis and paid back in full the International Monetary Fund’s bailout loans. It has even done so ahead of time. Some people have even suggested it’s a Portuguese economic miracle. The reconstruction of the Portuguese economy has been based on tourism and construction, though industry has played an important role as well. The Portuguese chemical industry, in particular, has displayed a remarkable export trend in recent years. Presented with this positive scenario, Grupo Barcelonesa, headed by Pedro Alves, has rededicated its commitment to this market.

How long has Barcelonesa been operating in Portugal?
We touched down in Portugal nine years ago. Our goal was to offer better commercial and logistic services. At the start of this year, we joined the country operations with the autonomous region of Galicia, thus creating the area we call PTGAL (from Portugal and Galicia). Historically, industry in both regions has been closely linked, and due to European Union membership, they share a lot of the same legislation, so it just made sense to join them together into a single region. Together, Portugal and Galicia present a market with 13 million people over 120,000 km2, equal to 20% of the Iberian Peninsula.

Are there specific strategies for this market?
We have specific action plans. We’re encouraging both the country’s traditional markets, such as the textile, cork, footwear, plastic, food, and food technology, as well as emerging markets such as environmental treatment, energy, compounds, and biochemicals.

What products and services does Barcelonesa offer in PTGAL?
We offer the Barcelonesa group’s full portfolio of products and services, with the exception of a few very specific products.

Are there any new products or services on the horizon?
We are constantly seeking new products and services, as well as represented companies, to add to our portfolio.

How significant is PTGAL to Grupo Barcelonesa?
PTGAL represents about 7% of the group’s entire business volume, though we’ve set a goal to reach 10% in five years.

Is it one of Barcelonesa’s main commitments?
Without a doubt, PTGAL is one of the group’s main commitments. Firstly, the region represents significant possibilities for growth. What’s more, it has a stable local economy and the Galician and Portuguese markets are complemented by those of former Portuguese colonies, which are key importers of products from Portugal.

What is Barcelonesa’s business forecast for PTGAL this year?
We expect to close out the year with a sales revenue of seven million euros, some 20% more than in 2018.


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