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Chemical brightening of Aluminum with BD Brial HD

Aluminium is one of the most efficient and sustainable metals. It can be used in practically any weather conditions, it has all the required characteristics for a good thermal insulator, it saves energy, and is completely recyclable. Thanks to the innovation of production processes, at the start of the 20s, the price of aluminium dropped by 80%, leading to its popularisation in all types of structural, mechanical, and decorative applications: doors, windows, sliders, roofs, latticework, balustrades, and so much more.

Shine has always been a sign of class and elegance for objects and the people who use or own them. The brightening process to make metal objects shine has been developed since ancient times and has been used on all kinds of metals, reaching amazing technical levels in order to provide maximum shine. Aluminium Brightening is one of the most commonly used finishes for surface treatments due to the wide-spread use of this material in all kinds of industries: lacquering, luxury packaging, jewellery, automotive, aviation, household appliances, food packaging, etc.

Barcelonesa de Drogas y Productos Químicos is a specialist in aluminium electropolishing and chemical brightening treatments. For electropolishing processes, we offer our BD ELECTRODAL product family, whose 3 categories – PS1, PS2 and PS3 – adapt to the alloys, time frames and brightening quality stipulated by each individual client. The products are manufactured on-site at our facilities. We also boast our own laboratory where we develop our own customised formulations that perfectly meet the needs of our clients.