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That is, of course, keeping in mind the state of alert and exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves. As a distribution company for products that are essential to multiple production processes, and with the aim of preventing, to the greatest possible extent, the spread of the illness caused by COVID-19, as of last Friday, we've implemented a series of actions and procedures as set out in our Contingency Plan in order to ensure the health of our collaborators and to ensure that our activity continues as normally as possible:

International Women's Day is 8 March. A date that underscores —by means of numerous events and demonstrations— women's fight for equal rights in all areas of society, including the workplace.  To mark the occasion, Grup Barcelonesa also wants to join the cause in the fight for women's rights. In our company, we firmly believe that complete equality between men and women is the only way our society can develop and progress.   It is also worth noting that the chemical industry is a field that traditionally has been considered an exclusively male environment.

The 'mad scientist' is one of the most widespread stereotypes in popular culture. Fictional books and films such as Frankenstein, The Invisible Man or The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde have ultimately created a pretty poor image for professionals like us who have dedicated ourselves to scientific fields such as chemistry.

Did you know that Spain was on the brink of being invaded by the United States during the Second World War? Despite what many people believe, Spain played a significant and decisive role in terms of strategy during the global conflict.  Not only because of its location in southern Europe, guarding the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, but also because of its tungsten mines. Tungsten, or wolfram, is a chemical element that was crucial to the war time industry. 

The year that is coming to a close has been incredibly important for those of us that form part of the chemical sector.  The truth is that 2019 has elevated chemistry to the position it deserves thanks to the United Nations initiative to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. 

Just starting with its symbol (K, from the German word Kalium), potassium shows itself to be a peculiar metal. It is so soft it can easily be cut with a knife and so lightweight that it floats in water, despite violently reacting with it. Ever since it was isolated in 1807, it has become an essential element. No other material can replace it: "As a metal, its industrial use is scarce, but it gives rise to numerous, highly useful compounds" explains Noemí Badia, from Grupo Barcelonesa.

Conducting activities focused on the overall sustainability of the planet, including society, people, and the environment, is one of the values we seek to uphold at Grup Barcelonesa. Between 2016 and 2018, this commitment was translated into "a 32% reduction in CO2 ​ emissions associated with electricity and fossil fuel use and a 9% direct decrease in electricity use", explains Jordi Prats, the company's head of QSHE.