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High quality food manufacturers, and especially snacks and flavorings manufacturers need very pure salt from vacuum technology, easy to apply and with an extra fine granolumetry. The problem is that the acquisition of this specific salt for this type of companies is complicated and expensive due to the shortage of supply in the market. Grup Barcelonesa has started the commercialization of a microfine vacuum salt, with a grain diameter below 0.250 MM at a competitive price.

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Did you know that plant fibres are excellent technological ingredients? With this article, we will show you how you can replace the synthetic additives you've been using to improve the properties of your food products with natural fibres that can fulfil the same functions as those achieved by using E number additives and substances. Continue reading to find out more about how Fibrean is going to solve multiple food industry technology problems.

Salt, or sodium chloride, has been a prized element since the dawn of humanity. The Egyptians are believed to have been the first people to use it as a food preservative, though it has always been an article of trade and was used as currency throughout history.

People started adding natural substances (salt, sugar, vinegar, etc.) to food hundreds and even thousands of years ago to better preserve it and to lengthen shelf life. Today, food additives aren't just used to preserve foodstuffs, but also to maintain appearance, flavour, texture, freshness, constitution, and even nutritional value. Industry demand is constantly growing as there are increasingly more processed foods in supermarkets and convenience shops.

The food sector has to innovate constantly in order to keep up with changes in the ever more demanding requirements of its consumers. Changes over the past 20 years have entailed a revolution in food technology. Healthy food products with "added ingredients" (omega3, calcium, etc.) are driving a new generation of avid consumers of healthy solutions, with a growing demand for "clean label" products.

Let's not fool ourselves: food additives don't have a good reputation. This perception may be the result of years of abusing the use of additives, but it is also due to a lack of information and misrepresentation of their nature, dosing, and state of development and technological innovation.

Barcelonesa FoodTech at FoodTech 2018

Barcelonesa FoodTech was present at FoodTech Barcelona 2018 held on 8, 9, 10 and 11 May at Gran Vía de Fira in Barcelona. The new commitment to the food division of Barcelonesa, focused on offering a comprehensive solution for the food industry, led to its new range of texturisers with its 3 brands adapted to market trends: Carratext, Protean and Fibrean.