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Up until the 19th century, all the cosmetics people used were made with natural ingredients. It was common for women to use their kitchens to make their own remedies for improving their health and hygiene and that of their loved ones. In addition, they used easily found, natural ingredients to make products to accentuate their features.

Liquorice is one of the oldest ingredients known to mankind, and has always been known as more than just a simple sweet. It was thought to have healing and rejuvenating properties in ancient China, as well as in Egypt, Greece, and Rome (the Egyptians discovered its healing powers in the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamun.) Liquorice root is highly appreciated in cosmetics, particularly for its most important active ingredient: glycyrrhizin, a triterpene glycoside (saponin) whose aglycone, the glycyrrhetinic acid or enoxolone, is sold for use in cosmetics.

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Most cosmetic products known as anti-ageing agents include in their list of ingredients a component that comes from the shells of various crustaceans. That ingredient is glucosamine, an amino sugar that Grupo Barcelonesa sells under the name N- Acetyl- D-Glucosamine.

Cosmetics made with synthetic substances have gotten a bad name recently, coinciding with the rise in natural cosmetics which are increasingly present in women's vanity cabinets. That bad name is undeserved, according to Juan Carlos Montoro, Director of Grupo Barcelonesa's cosmetics business sector. He explains that "both natural and synthetic products are completely safe considering the fact that both must comply with the same safety conditions". Below we will dismantle, or should we say cleanse away, some of the false myths about chemical products in cosmetics:

The added value of a good raw materials supplier lies in their ability to stay ahead of market trends and their capacity to offer customised products to each brand. Until recently, brands created trends according to colours and what was in fashion, thus setting the pace of the market, but due to growing consumer demand, this is no longer sufficient.

Last April, Barcelonesa’s Cosmetics division team members attended InCosmetics Amsterdam, the yearly showcase for new trends in personal care ingredients. Our principal Sandream Impact, LLC was also there, for the launch of the 2019 Spring-Summer colour trends, to show off its new magnetic pigments that provide truly spectacular effects. Our specialist in effect pigments and cosmetic active ingredients showcases the following lines within the new proposals for next year.  Stand Tall