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In industry, it's common to apply pigments to resin for reasons that are often merely aesthetic. Nevertheless, pigments so much more than just a dash of colour. Handling, compatibility, sun resistance, toxicity and, why not, price, are some of the main concerns companies have when using pigments in their resins. Making the right or wrong purchase can make a big difference.

What are resins and why are they used in the paint industry? Resins are highly resistant to external aggressions and for that reason they are used to give the paint certain properties, such as to protect against corrosion or improve adherence. What is currently being researched in the resin market and with what objectives?

What products does Barcelonesa distribute and which ones would you mention as the strongest? We distribute a wide range of fillers and extenders, with most of our sales coming from TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). We also have a potential growth forecast in silicas, talc or alumina trihydrate.