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At Grup Barcelonesa we are always improving to offer the most complete service to our customers.  This time everything is ready to expand our facilities and optimize our services with a new logistics centre dedicated to the food segment of our company.  Do you want to know more about these new facilities? Keep reading because we are sure you will be interested.

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A couple of years ago, the UNE standard for the regulation of organic farming inputs was approved. This standard was developed by AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This is the creation of a Spanish regulation, which extends the provisions of the European regulation RCE 834/2007 on organic inputs. Therefore, it is currently only applied in Spain, but Portugal is expected to follow us in the implementation of this regulation.

If you are familiar with the natural cosmetics sector, extracts obtained by supercritical CO2 are probably not completely unfamiliar to you. It can be said that these extracts occupy a very important place among the natural active ingredients as they are more concentrated in active substances and more compatible with the skin.

In construction, it is very important to have suitable coatings that provide longevity to the products and a good aesthetic finish, among other properties.  In this post, we are going to focus on epoxy systems from Spolchemie, our supplier for the construction-specific coatings sector. This chemical manufacturer is based in the Czech Republic and is backed by more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing epoxy products. 

Finding the right thickening or gelling agent is one of the most important steps when formulating a food product. And no doubt: these agents are present in almost all the processed products found in our supermarkets, so the food industry would be lost without them. Their purpose is to give food products a pleasant texture, which is fundamental to their popularity among consumers. Carrageenan, one of the most common gelling agents, is a stabiliser that Grup Barcelonesa manufactures under its own brand: Carratext.

Some time has passed since companies stopped being simple economic agents with the sole aim of bringing in profits. Like the part of society that they are, they also have to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner to contribute to the well-being of their clients, employees, stakeholders and, in general, society and the planet as a whole. And all while keeping in mind respect for the environment and corporate social responsibility.


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