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Since 2005, every 20 December we celebrate International Human Solidarity Day. The first celebration of this day came with the adoption of the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals - to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and guarantee dignity for all. A day to commemorate solidarity as a fundamental and universal human value. In the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we've seen a lot of initiatives appear.

Most processed products on the market incorporate a thickening ingredient that gives them consistency and good texture. Wheat flour, potato starch and cornstarch are some of the most widely used. But in recent years another ingredient, almost unknown in Spain until very recently, has been gaining in popularity: tapioca starch. The reason? Its high capacity to give volume and consistency without altering the organoleptic properties of the food.

The battle against sugar has turned the food industry upside down. Something that as a manufacturer has surely affected you. Consumers are demanding healthier and healthier products, which means less sugar. But at the same time, you can't stop giving them the taste they appreciate so much. To help companies face this crossroads, we at Barcelonesa Food Solutions have developed Fibrean Sugar Reduction. This product made from natural fibres helps reduce the amount of sugar in food, thus improving its nutritional value.

Agriculture is one of the oldest productive sectors in the world. For centuries, humans have cultivated the land using little more than their hands. But it has gradually been modernised. Nowadays work in the fields has little to do with that experienced by our grandparents, fortunately for the whole sector. Although some people still have prejudices about the use of technology in agriculture, the truth is that thanks to its implementation, the efficiency of agricultural tasks has increased enormously.

Chemistry Day

November 15 has a special place in our calendar: as every year since 2002, we celebrate Chemistry Day.  At Grup Barcelonesa, we want to take advantage of this day to give our sector back its leading role and make the great influence of chemistry on social progress visible.  The 10 most revolutionary discoveries in chemistry The achievements of chemistry tend to be overshadowed by those of other more "photogenic" sciences, which generate more headlines and fill more pages in the general press. 

Cinema would not be understood without chemistry.  From the very beginning, the seventh art was based on chemical processes aimed at achieving what seemed like magic at the time: that the spectators saw moving images projected on a large screen. But chemistry has not only served to give physical support to the cinema. Filmmakers also use it on countless occasions as part of the plot of their films.

All sorts of products require quality coatings to provide added resistance and an appealing aesthetic finish. A new requirement has been added to that list in recent years: eco-friendliness. And for that reason engineers from multiple industries haven't given up on searching for cleaner materials without having to renounce efficacy. The result of this research has given us EnviPoxy, a line of liquid epoxy resins made by Spolchemie, which Grup Barcelonesa is happy to exclusively offer to its clients.


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