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A wide range of additives for animal health and nutrition

The Animal Nutrition Division of Barcelonesa markets and distributes a wide range of additives for animal health and nutrition.

Our main products include mineral salts and trace elements, which we import from across the world.


The natural ingredients used in animal feed  are often deficient in microelements, which is why using correctors to supplement them is a widespread practice. Barcelonesa is a specialist in  the distribution of a wide range of copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), iodine (I) , selenium (Se), cobalt (Co) and molybdenum (Mo) salts.

Barcelonesa is also a leading feed distributor of all types of acids and their salts, such as propionic, formic, acetic and phosphoric acids, as well as tensoactive agents and surfactants for animal nutrition. This leadership, together with our capacity to produce liquid mixtures, allows us to offer our clients a MIX UP service for customised formulas with a high degree of reliability and competitiveness. 

Barcelonesa is a FAMI-QS certified company
 and it is known for its professionalism and confidentiality in undertaking projects together with its clients.

Jaume Casas

Sector Manager

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