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At Barcelonesa, we have more than 20 years of experience in treating aluminium. We are manufacturers and specialists in products for the CHEMICAL BRIGHTENING and ELECTROPOLISHING of anodised aluminium. Our BD BRIAL, BD DECAP and BD ELECTRODAL product ranges ensure a quality finish for each type of alloy and they adapt to the specific work conditions of each of our clients.

What's more, Barcelonesa offer a wide range of basic chemical products that come from carefully selected manufacturers around the world, and offers permanent stock in order to punctually provide for its clients when necessary. 

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Any and all material whose surface is to undergo treatment must be clean and free from dirt, particles, oils, or any other element. To meet this requirement, DEGREASING processes are used.

Various factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a degreaser: the dirt type, the material, the applied surface finish, or the next step in the process.

Degreasers are usually differentiated as acidic, alkaline, or inhibited alkaline formulations.


BD Clean


BD Alunet


We are manufacturers and specialists in the BRIGHTENING of anodised aluminium. Our range of products provides the shine and finish that our clients demand, according to their specific needs.

Our different formulations and more than 20 years of experience allow us to provide specific solutions for the brightening of anodised aluminium.

Chemical birghtening


Main properties

  • High quality Chemical Brightening.
  • Stable process with high output.
  • Heightened productivity.
  • Elevada productividad.
  • Fumes emission control.
  • Anti-transfer protection.

ECO products:

Main properties:

  • High quality Chemical Brightening.
  • Reduction or elimination of NOx gases.
  • Protection from pitting during transfer.
  • Stable process with high output.
  • Heightened productivity of the product



  • BD Adibright
  • BD ECObright
  • BD Activbright
  • BD Econox

Electrolytic Polishing / Electropolishing


Main properties:

  • High level of shine.
  • Does not contain chromium nor nitrates.
  • Does not generate nitrous fumes.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

We develop custom formulations to meet our clients' needs.


The process of desmutting or deoxidizing is referred to with various names, including neutralising. This process eliminates the surface metals present that appeared during the preparation processes, while also adjusting the pH of the pieces to an appropriate level prior to the anodising phase.

Without flouride

BD Desmutox
BD Preventox

With flouride

BD Desmutox P


During the anodisation process, a film of aluminium oxide is added to the surface. This artificial oxide layer provides various benefits, including protection against corrosion and the ability to apply colouring processes.

98% Sulphuric Acid

Tartaric Acid

BD Anodesc


One of the best aesthetic properties of anodised aluminium is that it can undergo a colouring process. This process is possible via various methods: organic colouring, inorganic colouring, electrolytic colouring or interference colouring.

Organic and inorganic colouring allow for a wider range of colours and hues that aesthetically enhance the finish of the pieces. Barcelonesa is the exclusive and official distributor of the product ranges from Omya and Clariant, leading companies with a long history of supplying high-quality colourants for the anodising industry. This agreement enables us to distribute their products in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

Organic / Inorganic

Omya and Clariant products


BD Tampón 5.5
BD Tampón 5.8
BD Tampón 6.2
BD Protective Dye


Sealing is the process of closing the pores created during the anodising phase. Properly sealing the pores guarantees the adherence of the properties obtained throughout the entire process.

The different sealing processes can be differentiated by the temperatures employed: low, medium or high temperature.


Nickel sealing

Medium temperature

BD Nikalseal

Low temperature

BD Seal F


BD Tensodial
BD Tampón 5.5
BD Tampón 5.8
BD Tampón 6.2


Nickel-free sealing

High temperature

BD Eco-Senodial forte
BD Eco-Senodial standard


BD Aditive Forte

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